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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Here is what i posted on my blog yesterday late afternoon. "For those of you who do not know... My mother was involved in a car accident at 1:30 PM this afternoon... on 4100 South and 5900 West - where Up&L used to be. She hit a Telephone pole, her leg is broken above her knee and she is in the Hospital out in Murray, Utah on state street I-MED (i guess they changed the name from I-MED) but, it's the one on State Street at about 5300 South. She will be having surgery within a couple of hours... They are putting a ROD in her leg and all that. Will have crutches and be imobile for several weeks at least. The car is most most likely TOTALLED... My dad is with her. Please keep her and my dad in your prayers and our family. They would appreciate and we all would appreciate your love, thoughts, support and prayers... Sure she would love your support, and to see you all etc. She should be okay for the wedding... keeping my fingers crossed!!! " She had to have surgery and that took place last night around 8 P.M. and the surgery was about 1 1/2 hours long. She was in recovery for a short time. When i talked to her this morning around 8:30 - 9:00 A.M. they were getting ready to take her to X-RAY for more X-RAY'S.. I was asking her questions about the accident and such. She was telling me that when the paramedics were taking her out of the car there was alot of "moaning and groaning" and "some screaming" because of the pain. The paramedics was the one's who notified my dad who then notified Jared and Lindsay, and then called me. She was on her way over to Jared and Lindsay's house. She called and Left lindsay a voicemail at about 1:19 PM saying she was on her way. Lindsay talked to my mom at 1:22 P.M. - Just a side note: Lindsay told me that it was 2:10 PM and mom hadn't arrived at the house yet. Her first thought and fear was that she had been in a accident. That fear of course was confirmed and realized. Anyhow as she was driving she was on 4100 South and 5900 W. in West Valley City, Utah when she lost control and hit a telephone pole., The windsheild was shattered and broken glass on the road and the car. But, it didn't hit or cut her (the glass), her airbags deployed. It was a front end crash. So were pretty sure the car is totalled. My dad has not seen the car yet. He will do that today after he get's off work and on his way to the hospital. So i do not have pictures yet. He was with her till 10 P.M. last night and during the time of when she got to the hospital and 10 PM - Jared, Lindsay and the kids came, our home teacher and Family friend and neighbor in the ward (church) came, my Uncle Paul and Aunt Cindy. We appreciate all the prayers on her behalf and on the behalf of our family. Will keep you all updated. Before surgery... The doctor who operated on her he is LDS (mormon) he assisted my dad in giving my mom a preisthood blessing. Will post more as i know more...

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