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Saturday, March 31, 2012

My POOR BLOG.... IT'S been neglected....

My poor blog has been neglected. But, i have just been real busy and alot has been going on in the last month. So let me update you all. And i will try not to let another month go by.

To start we begin at the beggining of March. Not March 1st "proper".


I GOI A JOB!!! I got a position through Express Personnel working at CAPITAL ONE! And i still don't have one of their cards in my wallet. HA ! HA! - anyhow i'm working in the Mortgage department doing duties such as copying, emailing, scanning, mailing items and inputing information on the computer. I Love my job. And i am learning so much. And i look forward to learning much more. Yesterday i completed my 3rd week there. YAY! And i love getting paid every week!!!

My nephew Dakota just turned 7 on March 15th and this year my awesome sister in law Linday- her parents came to visit in Utah. Dakota's birthday is March 15th and my sister in law's birthday is March 16th. They took everyone to Chuck-E- Cheese. Everyoe had so much fun. I haven't seen any pictures yet but, when i do i will upload them.

Happy Birthday to Dakota and Lindsay!!!!

My dear Grandma Jensen's birthday was March 23rd. I miss her!!! we all miss her!!! she would have been 83 Yrs old. Also on March 26th marked the 20 Year Anniversary of when she passed away.

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