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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Engagement Story

I Just wanted to write and let you all know that Last night i got engaged. And i am getting married.

Here is the story. We met on eharmony.com about 3-4 months ago. Have been talking everyday- several times a day since. He came up and drove up here from Texas (Dallas area) last friday afternoon. Arrived Saturday evening. We have been spending time together and fell in love. We were just having fun this whole week so far, and yesterday included. We went to The great salt lake and Saltair last night. We were walking in the water., The sun was setting and it was real beautiful. He got down on one knee and took me by my hand(S) and asked me to marry him. I said YES!! and i got me a ring today. Eventually i will get my wedding ring. We are so excited and happy! and i love all of you!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Just a reminder that i am doing a Tupperware online party. My friend Dede wright just recently signed up and i want to celebrate and support her business by having a party and recieving some orders. Please visit her website at

http://my2.tupperware.com/tup-​html/D/dedewright-welcome.html and when you find something you like please email me or message me your order and then i will email it to her and we will get you taken care of. She is sending in a order on the 8th of August which is Monday. So LET ME KNOW ASAP!!

Gardner Village Birthday Club

Just signed up for the birthday club at Gardner village/Archibalds. Wanted to share with you. Please go visit http://www.gardnervillage.com/ and click on Birthday club to sign up. Pass this on to all your friends and family.