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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Indoor Mini Photography giveaway

You need to checkout and enter this cool get away for a free Indoor Mini- Session. Please check it out - SassaFrass Photography

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Stop, look and ponder | Mormon Times

Stop, look and ponder | Mormon Times

100 follower giveaway...

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Thursday, January 13, 2011


Like the song by Michael Jackson titled "Make a Change" It say's "Look at yourself and make a change."

Well i did that just today. I went to Stevens Henager College for an appointment with admissions and i loved what i heard and i also was blessed to have my financial aid and stafford loans approved. I am good to go.
I will be in the Medical Specialties program. The program is 20 months long. And upon succesful completion i will be graduating on August 2012.

I am linking up this video from youtube. The song "Make A Change"
by Michael Jackson.

this is a reminder and what success will mean and be for me and all those others in my class.

"Make That Change!" Stevens Henager College class of 2012!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

West Jordan baby makes special arrival at Alta View - ksl.com

Found this story on KSL.COM- and i find it to be very cool and neat. I have a couple of friends who are having their babies soon. Dede and Carli- I'm sure thinkin about ya all! not that your babies are going to be born on January 11th or anything to do with this day. I just thought of you 2 as you are ready to have your precious bundles of joy!

West Jordan baby makes special arrival at Alta View - ksl.com