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Thursday, January 13, 2011


Like the song by Michael Jackson titled "Make a Change" It say's "Look at yourself and make a change."

Well i did that just today. I went to Stevens Henager College for an appointment with admissions and i loved what i heard and i also was blessed to have my financial aid and stafford loans approved. I am good to go.
I will be in the Medical Specialties program. The program is 20 months long. And upon succesful completion i will be graduating on August 2012.

I am linking up this video from youtube. The song "Make A Change"
by Michael Jackson.

this is a reminder and what success will mean and be for me and all those others in my class.

"Make That Change!" Stevens Henager College class of 2012!!!


Emil Neagu said...

Good for you!
I try for over 4 years to be a student again but I haven't your luck.
All the people I've met(high school principals,school inspectors,etc)told me that 'we haven't places available anymore' in any Bucharest high schools.Every year the same thing.You are so lucky.
I have only my books and dreams.
In 2010,I was at the Bucharest Metropolitan Library and to my surprise they gave me permit to borrow books.I was happy that day.
But I'm sad that I want to learn and I haven't where to turn for my rights to be respected.
Have a nice time at school!

Heidi Gail Richhart said...

@ Emil- Thanks for your words of encouragement and support. And for also being my friend. Really appreciate it. Friends forever! also i am going back to college instead of High School. Just so you know. I wish you had more opportunities (educational).